Join us virtually on Friday, April 9th 2021 for the Columbia Psychology Department's second annual Symposium. 

The Symposium is a space for students and faculty to share what they've learned about psychology outside the classroom in Columbia's Psychology Department. There will be a range of activities including a virtual poster session, data talks, workshops, a panel of clinical professionals, a graduate student-led Q&A, and a keynote talk by Professor Colin Leach.


We are accepting student submissions for the Data Blitz and Poster Session now! If you are interested in presenting, please submit your abstract by Monday, March 8th 2021.


Answers to some frequently asked questions can be found below. 

Who can attend? 

  • Undergraduate, post baccalaureate, and graduate students are invited to attend.
  • We also welcome all lab managers, post-docs, and visiting scholars in the department. 
  • Faculty are welcome and encouraged to attend, particularly the data blitz and poster sessions, as they will feature work done by research assistants in their respective labs. 

How will it work? 

  • The Symposium will take place 100% online via Zoom.
  • See our tentative Agenda for information about the timing of each activity.
  • All activities except the panel and the poster session will occur in the same continuous Zoom session.
  • Attendees are welcome to come in and out of this Zoom session per their interests and schedules. 
  • Closer to the date of the event, the Agenda will include links to the Zoom sessions.
  • For questions regarding setting up and using Zoom, please visit the CUIT website.

More specifically, how will the poster session work?

  • Each poster will be assigned its own Zoom link, and the presenter of each poster will remain in their Zoom session for the entirety of the poster session.
  • Attendees can enter and leave Zoom sessions for posters that interest them for the duration of the poster session -- timing for this is on the agenda. 
  • Please see last year's Poster Session page for a preview.

How can I stay up to date about the Symposium?

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